Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Children's Photographer Greensboro - Beautiful Florida

So we took a trip, a very long long trip in the car down to Florida. It was a nice trip. It was nice to see family, and it was nice to meet some new friends, but it was not nice to have a 2 year old in the car for 4 days nor to be 6 months pregnant while doing all of this! :) Needless to say, I did get to take RJ to the beach, and he did get to have a fun time chasing the seagulls, digging in the sand, and swinging on the swings. Even after the madness of the car, I'm actually looking forward to our next trip to Florida in the fall when we'll go tackle the Disney crowds for his 3rd birthday. By that time I'm sure it will be even more "fun" since we'll have another kiddo to pack around. :) I hope you enjoy this little taste of our trip! :)

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