Sunday, August 30, 2009

West Coast Bookings - Greensboro / High Point Children's photographer

I'll be traveling to the west coast the months of Sept-October. During this time I will be booking standard sessions, but also offering something extra special. The first person to contact me from the following cities will receive a free portrait party for up to 6 friends! Portrait parties are geared like a mini session, available for chldren from the ages of 9months - 12 years of age. Its "hosted" like a playdate, we have a blast and get some awesome pictures of your kids and their friends in the process. For more details, questions, or to sign up shoot us an email via the studio website! Here is a by date listing of cities:

September 20-25th

Albany/Lebanon/Corvalis, OR

Salem, OR

Klammath Falls, OR

Portland, OR

Eugene, OR

September 29th-30th

Annaheim, CA

October 1-3

San Diego/La Jolla, CA

Spaces are limited.. bookings will be based upon a first come first serve system. Not all cities during each time-frame may be offered if spaces are filled. Tell your friends, and lets get the parties started!!

Friday, August 28, 2009

Fun times in the fall - Greensboro High Point Photographer

We took yet another trip to the beautiful North Carolina zoo in Asheboro this week. This time we brought along some really fun friends. We had a great time and it was such a perfect day for the zoo! The boys had a great time, as did the moms. ;)

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Gorgeous Boys - Greensboro / High Point Children's Photographer

I had the wonderful privelege to meet two of the sweetest boys this week, not to mention even nicer parents. I'm not surprised though considering they are related to some other pretty awesome people I know. We had a great time walking around downtown Greensboro exploring all the urbany spots to shoot. Thanks guys for putting up with me! ;) I hope you like these sneak peeks!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Beautiful Baby "A" - Greensboro / High Point Children's Photographer

So I put this sneak peek up on my Facebook page yesterday and forget to put it up for my blog followers! I'll tell you more about this little angel tomorrow.. but for now.. enjoy this little Rockette (borrowed from one of my FB friends ;)

Its time for a giveaway - Greensboro / HIgh Point Professional Photographer

My goal is to reach 500 fans in my Facebook club. We are over half way there and to celebrate the half way mark I am giving away a set of holidy cards to the first person who gets 10 of their friends to sign up! You can reach the group from our homepage: A Forget Me Not Moment

Here is just a little preview of some of our holiday cards this year.

Greensboro / High Point Photographer - Congrats to Lori!

Lori was the big winner of our 10 member referral contest and so she will receive a set of 25 holiday cards! I still think we should give some more stuff away to the rest of you though sooo..

The first person to get 45 friends (starting from today's date) to sign up win's a free children's session or (if you aren't local) a free set of 50 invitations/announcements/ or holiday cards of your own! If you can get 100 of your friends to sign up you will get a free family session, and an 11X14 mounted image (or for those who aren't local) an 11X14 custom frame! :) This is just a little tiny taste of the giveaways to come after 500!!! You don't want to miss out!

Just copy this info and send it to all your friends...

Please help me win! I need at least 45 friends to sign up to to be a part of this awesome photography group on facebook, Forget Me Not Photography! If I am the first person to get to 100 referrals, I could win a prize package valued at over $175! Please click on the link below and follow it into the "groupies" area to join!

Once you become a member, you will have the opportunity to hear about giveaways, and even be eligible for this fantastic prize too! Don't forget to post up on the group wall where you are from and who referred you so I get credit! Thanks!!!

And here is the other side of our one of our beautiful holiday cards this year!

Beautiful Flower - Greensboro Maternity / Newborn Photographer, High Point Maternity Photographer

This maternity shoot was so fun, and I had this poor mamma hiking for miles upon miles to these beautiful spots. Okay.. so maybe it wasn't miles but I am sure at 8 1/2 months pregnant it didnt feel like a short distance! The whole shoot i was just begging for the sun to peek out from the clouds.. and then it finally did..and I was able to capture exactly what I had envinsioned for this beautiful momma. I hope you love these as much as I do!!!

High Point photographer, Greensboro Photographer - Living in Greensboro

One of the many reason why Greensboro is such a great place to live is there is such a diverse group of people here, and such a love for culture. For the last 3 weeks, and occaionally other nights during the summer we have attended MUSEP (Music for a Sunday Evening in the Park). For a few hours, every Sunday night there is a free concert in one of the many area parks. This year we've heard bluegrass, folk, and the city concert band. Its such a family friendly event, and ofcourse RJ loves it because we are outside, there is dirt, and there are lots and lots of dogs and other kids. :-) He really has a blast! And ofcourse as his mom, I have a good time too seeing him having so much fun. The first night we went, I basically just chased him around the park which was a little exhausting. I have found though, that if I find a big enough dirt hole, or an interesting enough tree, he will stay put and although he is filthy by the end of the concert, I am able to actually sit back and enjoy the music a bit! ;) These were taken a couple weeks ago at Hagan Stone Park in Pleasant Garden.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Little Man D - Greensboro children's photographer, High Point Children's photgographer, Children's model photography

SO I had an awesome time today with little man "D" is younger sis and mom. I got to hear about all kinds of star wars guys, see a really cool kite, play peekaboo, and ofcourse take some really super fun pictures (my favorite part!) Thanks so much for letting me spend some time with you guys "M". Your children are beautiful, and just the sweetest kids! It was wonderful to meet you guys!

Greensboro Photographer - Little Bit

My neice, whom I will share pictures of on the blog soon, is named Lydia. My mother (Lydia's grandma) has nicknamed her Little Bit. Today I got to meet another "Little Bit" who is nearly just as precious as our own. She just had the cutest little gaping expression on her face for nearly the entire hour we were playing together. The funny thing is momma said she never makes that look! lol I guess I think she was just showing off for me and trying to be extra cute because I definitely think those are the only words that can describe this little girl. I hope you enjoy this sneek peak!