Wednesday, August 26, 2009

High Point photographer, Greensboro Photographer - Living in Greensboro

One of the many reason why Greensboro is such a great place to live is there is such a diverse group of people here, and such a love for culture. For the last 3 weeks, and occaionally other nights during the summer we have attended MUSEP (Music for a Sunday Evening in the Park). For a few hours, every Sunday night there is a free concert in one of the many area parks. This year we've heard bluegrass, folk, and the city concert band. Its such a family friendly event, and ofcourse RJ loves it because we are outside, there is dirt, and there are lots and lots of dogs and other kids. :-) He really has a blast! And ofcourse as his mom, I have a good time too seeing him having so much fun. The first night we went, I basically just chased him around the park which was a little exhausting. I have found though, that if I find a big enough dirt hole, or an interesting enough tree, he will stay put and although he is filthy by the end of the concert, I am able to actually sit back and enjoy the music a bit! ;) These were taken a couple weeks ago at Hagan Stone Park in Pleasant Garden.

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