Sunday, February 28, 2010

Forget Me Not's Cutest Kids - Greensboro Children's Photographer

The month is finally over, and now is the time for you all to decide which of these precious little one gets to walk away with the title of Cutest Kid! I have no idea how in the world you are going to decide because they are ALL incredibly beautiful children both inside and out!

Voting will take place from today until the 5th at 5pm. To leave a vote please leave your name, email address and comment for the child you want to win on that child's individual blog post. You can get to their posts by clicking on their picture in the image shown on the home page here below.

All of our winners will be announced on the 6th! We're giving away three total prize packages valued at nearly $1500, not to mention some really great prizes for random participants and even to some of you locals that vote! To see the list of all the prizes and the full details from the contest click here.

To enter to win the drawing for some of the other random prize giveaways from our sponsors and the studio, please leave your comment (with name and email) on this posting!

If you are participating in the voting process, please consider offering a small donation (in the amount of ($1 ore more per vote) to the Family Support Network of Central Carolina! They are the sole reason why we put together this contest and have been such a wonderful gift to so many families in our area! You can donate by clicking on their website website for more information.

Thank you again to our sponsors who donated so much to make this contest successful! We couldn't have done it without your support!

We'll be announcing the total amount collected during the final announcement of our winners so you've got all week to vote and make your donations.

Let's get the ball rolling shall we?! Let the voting begin!!!! :)


  1. They are all so beautiful!!What wonderful little souls of life!! Great photos! I have a preemie. So blessed!
    Kristie Briggs

  2. I vote for #14. Precious child.

  3. All of the kids are adorable and the photography is perfect. Truly...gorgeous all around!